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Object of the Fortnight

08 October 2010

Many people may not realise that as well as our vast collection of cars, motorcycles and cycles, we also hold an enormous archive of books, magazines and a whole world of small objects which are in some way related to the history of the motor industry in our great city.

Sadly we simply don't have space to display every single object we hold, so through our 'Object of the Fortnight' features we will be giving some of our little items their very own moment in the spotlight - many of them have such great stories to tell us, and we hope you enjoy finding out a little bit about each of them.

This week, find out why we're getting excited about a collection of mugs, playing cards and dominoes.

These items were donated by Mr Brown in March 2010. Mr Brown worked in the stores at Ryton for 34 ½ years and he found these items in his locker when he cleared it for the last time. The mugs all came from different suppliers and he used the cards and dominoes to pass the time during breaks. Although as individual objects they don’t seem too spectacular as a collection, they have an important story to tell us about everyday life in the factories of the Coventry car industry.

If you have memories of using items such as this during your working life, you can discuss them on the 'Object of the Fortnight' Facebook page.


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