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'The Fonz' was here on Saturday 16th June..Aayy!


Do you remember the 'Fonz' from the smash hit TV series 'Happy Days'? Actor Henry Winkler aka 'The Fonz' was here as part of Coventry's Book Festival - 'Literally'. Henry was the Festival's VIP Guest at the Booked Up Quiz City Final which was being staged here for primary school children across the city. Henry was a... Read more

Coventry Car Day - Saturday 9th June


Saturday 9th June was a very special day for both car enthusiasts and students of Coventry University both alumni and present, because it was Coventry Car Day. Coventry University celebrated it's various Automotive Design and Journalist courses with a combination of special VIP guests who are former Graduates of Coventry University, and the... Read more

Coventry's Motorcar Heritage - New Book


A fascinating new book, the first of its kind covering the history of all of Coventry’s motorcar manufacturers, has just been published by The History Press, written by our very own Curator Damien Kimberley. Coventry’s Motorcar Heritage is the first book to include histories of every single motorcar manufacturer  to have been... Read more

Object of the Fortnight - 1938 Alvis Speed 25


This car was originally a sales demonstrator for Alvis, being used by T. G. John, the founder and Managing Director of the company. It was sold to a private owner in 1939 and exported to America in the 1970s where it lay idle for many years. It was brought back to the UK in 1998 and has since been extensively overhauled. However, it remains... Read more

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Bring the curriculum to life!

Coventry Transport Museum's interactive exhibitions make the perfect venue for school visits in Coventry.

We offer a wide range of sessions for school groups, all 'Learning Outside The Classroom' quality assured. 


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Join us in celebrating a unique transport heritage. There are lots of ways for you to get involved, from supporting us with a financial donation to volunteering your time. 


Home of the fastest car on Earth!

Coventry Transport Museum is home to Thrust SSC and Thrust 2, the world's two fastest cars.

When you visit the Museum, not only can you marvel at these spectacular feats of British engineering, you can experience travelling through the sound barrier on our all new 4D Land Speed Record Simulator!