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Admission FAQs

The following FAQs may answer questions you have about admission charges at Coventry Transport Museum. If your question has not been answered, please contact us and we will be happy to answer it for you. 

How are you going to ensure visitors are safe during their visit?

The safety of our staff and visitors is our number one priority. We have reviewed our processes and procedures across the organisation and implemented several measures to ensure we can open safely. Please visit our COVID-19 FAQ to find out how we are keeping our visitors safe.

What are the changes taking place at Coventry Transport Museum? 

The Coventry Transport Museum collection is already of national and international significance. By introducing some carefully considered changes to the current admission structure, the museum will be able to transform and enhance the temporary and touring programme and profile of the museum. 

What are the changes to admission?

The museum will no longer provide free admission for all visitors and will instead introduce annual admission tickets as listed below.

Tickets will be bookable online in advance. As part of the museum’s commitment to accessibility, there will be select days during the year where admission to the museum will be free for all visitors. 

Why don't you have Day tickets?

At first the Coventry Transport Museum was going to introduce day tickets at the current admission prices, but after consideration, we decided it was instead better to keep the price point the same – and let visitors have unlimited visits for an entire year.

We feel this enables visitors to make the most of the museum's temporary and permanent offer and provides great value for money – not only when compared against other motor museums – but against other attractions which offer a much shorter experience.

What is included with the admission ticket?

  • Annual admission to the museum (valid for 365 days from date of purchase)
  • Entry to interactive and highly immersive temporary exhibitions with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art and maths.
  • Access to a world-class and internationally significant collection, including the two fastest cars on the planet. Other collection highlights include the earliest bicycles, transport champions, future transport technology and a majority of the most memorable British vehicles from the past 200 years.

What is not included with the admission ticket?

  • The 4D simulator 
  • Charged for family learning activities
  • Charged for events
  • Museum guidebook
  • Lockers 

Why are the changes to admission being implemented? 

Aside from contributing towards the future sustainability of the museum and its designated collection, the changes will enable the museum to position itself as a truly national attraction providing opportunities for learning and fun for local, national and international visitors. As a venue of national / international significance, Coventry Transport Museum is a destination venue such as many others around the country that also charge for admission. It is important that such venues maintain robust and sustainable business models that allow the quality of the offer to be both maintained and enhanced.

Will all of the income generated be recycled back into the Transport Museum? 

Culture Coventry is responsible for operating four venues around the city (Coventry Transport Museum, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Lunt Roman Fort and Old Grammar School), so income generated from these changes will be invested across the Culture Coventry portfolio. The enhancement of the offer at the Transport Museum and indeed all the venues within the portfolio relies upon the entire operating model of Culture Coventry being robust and sustainable. The decision to change the museum’s admission was not taken lightly, and extensive sector research, consultations and modelling and sensitivity analysis has been conducted. 

What would happen if the changes didn’t take place? 

Although the museum would continue, it would not have the scope to continually change, refresh and enhance the offer. The Culture Coventry portfolio tells the stories of the city's pioneers, innovators and defining moments; something which should also be reflected within the programmes and activities taking place alongside the collections. 

How is Culture Coventry currently funded? 

Culture Coventry is predominantly funded through core grants from Coventry City Council and Arts Council England, along with a number of other programme and activity specific grants. It is also able to generate some income through its own commercial activity. 

Why is the museum providing free admission to Go CV cardholders?

The collection at the museum is owned by Coventry City Council and by extension, the people of Coventry. The Trust felt it was important to acknowledge this and maintain free access to the people of Coventry. 

How can Coventry residents sign up for a Go CV card? 

Coventry residents can find out if they are eligible to sign up for a card and start this process by visiting Cards are free and can be registered and collected from approved suppliers as listed on the Go CV website. 

What to do if eligible for a Go CV card but have already purchased annual admission?

From 30 November 2019 we will no longer be refunding admission tickets which have been purchased by visitors who qualify for a Go CV card. If you are a Coventry resident, please do visit the Go CV website to sign up and find out more about the benefits available to you.

Where will the income generated by admission changes go? 

The income generated will be used for the protection, maintenance and enhancement of the existing collections (across all sites) and enable the Trust to improve its offer across all venues, including new opportunities for young people, community activity, new and immersive exhibitions and the regeneration of displays.  

Will the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum be charging soon? 

There are no plans to introduce admission charges at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. 

Why is charging being introduced ahead of Coventry becoming City of Culture 2021? 

Culture Coventry wants to play a full part in attracting visitors from far and wide in the years leading up to 2021 and in the year itself. It should rightfully be placed at the heart of the UK City of Culture as the guardian of some of the most important cultural assets in the city.

In order to do so, it must make every effort over the coming years to ensure that the offer is one that is continually seeking to be more and more engaging and continually programming a range of innovative, exciting and interactive activities and exhibitions which will attract visitors from all over the country and beyond.

The scale of this strategic shift cannot be delivered successfully in the year itself, but must be built up as part of an overarching strategy to make 2021 a huge success for the city.

Is this the equivalent of introducing a Visitor Tax? 

No. It is actually the other way around. The admission price to those outside of Coventry has been market tested to be in line with other similar offers around the UK. The fact that free admission is being sustained to those within Coventry is the unique element – not the charging in itself.

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