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Book signing - Coventry, Thursday 14 November 1940 by Frederick Taylor

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We welcome Author Frederick Taylor for a special book signing at Coventry History Centre and Coventry Transport Museum.

Signings at Herbert Art Gallery & Museum will be at 10.00am - 12.30pm.

On the evening of Thursday 14 November 1940 began the most severe bombing to hit Coventry during the Second World War. This raid represented a new kind of air warfare, one which sacrificed any immediate military goals and instead focused on obliterating all aspects of city life. This systematic bombing was exploited by the British, using it to influence American opinion through the media, and to take away from the attacks a ‘blueprint for obliteration’ which the Allies could use to justify their later raids of Germany. 

Frederick Taylor draws upon numerous sources to reveal the true repercussions of the bombing of Coventry in November 1940. He teases out the truth behind the persistent rumours and conspiracy theories that Coventry may have been left undefended to protect Britain's knowledge of the enigma codes. This major work of history assesses this significant turning point in modern warfare, considers how it affected Britain’s status in the war, and looks at whether this attack really could provide justification for the horror of Dresden, 1945.

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