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Move And Play

Are you ready to move, play and experiment this summer?!

Explore an immersive world of games, challenges, and triumph in this must-see exhibition!

From disco donuts to nostalgic tennis, thermal cameras to tightrope walking. Adventure through 19 different activities, unearth the impact of movement on your body and put your senses to the test. The UK debut of Move and Play! offers an unmissable experience for visitors of all abilities.

Here's just a taste of the activities you can do!


How hard can you kick?

Stand at the starting point and kick the ball toward the speed radar as hard as you dare. The display board will show you the speed of the ball in kilometres per hour.


Sailing by Shouts

Start the game by turning the crank clockwise. To steer the boat, shout into the horn and expand or reduce the sail with the crank. Every now and then you need to pump the water gathered into the boat.


Team Stomp

Step onto the board and stomp on it. Wait for the starting shot. The more enthusiastically you stomp your feet, the faster the runner will advance in the competition. The more people there are stomping together on the board, the better the result.


Goalie or Not?

Start the game by stepping on the START text shown on the screen. Stop the balls by moving yourself in their way. The game gets more difficult as you go on!

Pulse Adventure

Put your fingers on the round discs and steer the red blood cell through the blood vessels using your own heart rate to move it up and down. You can raise your heart rate by moving and lower it by calming down.

Tightrope Walking

Take off your shoes and try walking along the tightrope, from one end to the other!

Disco Donut

Roll the wheelchair to the centre of the dance floor. Always move to the lighted area of the dance floor. Keep up the speed and have fun!

And so much more

Click here to see all the activities and exciting interactives that you will experience at Move And Play!

Admission Prices

All our tickets include annual return admission for free. You can revisit the museum as many times as you like within 365 days. You can purchase tickets upon arrival or online.
Due to a technical difficulty currently online tickets are only available to purchase via TripAdvisor. Please be aware that TripAdvisor is unable to offer discounts for group or family bookings. If you wish to buy the discounted family tickets, please purchase these at the museum reception.

Please visit our Admission Prices webpage for more information on prices and discounts.


This exhibition is free. Normal admission charges apply for the venue.

PhotoMeBooth attended Move and Play with their selfie booth during the last week of the summer holidays. Visitors had lots of fun and took some silly photos while they enjoyed the exhibition. Visit their website for more info!



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