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CANCELLED: Mini Museum Engineers Play

Please note this event is cancelled for tomorrow (29th of June 2022)

Mini Museum Engineers play sessions give your little ones opportunities to...

... explore an open-ended play environment using unique resources that encourage early engineering skills, problem-solving, imagination and, of course, fun!

Click here to book online in advance | £2.74 per child

Designed for age 2 - 5, but all are welcome

Mini Museum Engineers play sessions give your little one's opportunities to explore an open-ended play environment using unique resources with a STEM* based approach that encourage early engineering skills, problem-solving, imagination and, of course, fun! The sessions are linked to themes and objects within our collections and take place directly in the gallery spaces, giving your children early experiences of museum environments through a very playful approach. Each week our mini engineers will get hands-on with play items that differ slightly each time, opening up varied experiences for them each time they visit.


*Not sure what STEM is? Don’t worry, you don’t really need to know what it is to enjoy and embrace these activities. That’s what are skilled and talented Learning Team are here for. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This can sound a little scary, especially when you have children aged under 5, but STEM based play is important for children in their early years to develop skills and knowledge that they will use as they enter school and into their adulthood too. Exposure to any play that encourages children to figure things out, how things work and to be creative is STEM, and as you become more familiar with our sessions, you will quickly realise that STEM is all around us, all the time, and you will have been supporting your children with this already, perhaps without even realising it.


Tickets include free admission to the museum for those attending the workshop so there are no hidden costs for you on the day.


Covid-19 Safety Measures

We want you to feel safe and assured that attending our Mini Museum Engineers sessions will enable you to have a fun and engaging experience with your children. Here is what we are doing to ensure this for you:

  • Sessions are bookable in advance only. This way we can guarantee we are within our capacity for the space whilst delivering to a reduced number of visitors to our play sessions to allow for more space in the area we play in.
  • This measure will remain in place as we stay cautious of Covid infection rates. We will continuously review how the sessions are accessed following on from feedback and consultation with families in the city.
  • We monitor the play space continuously for overcrowding. Visitors are highly encouraged to book in advance to avoid disappointment on the day as we are not able to permit entering the session when the sessions have reached full player capacity.
  • Hand sanitation stations will be available upon entering and exiting from the activities.
  • Hand sanitiser available throughout the session.
  • A member of Learning Team will be facilitating the session, monitoring the safety of the environment, but above all else they will be smiling, happy and relaxed to keep your children happy and relaxed too.
  • All resources and high touch points to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each session.
  • If you have any concerns or questions prior to booking/attending this session please contact (Family Learning Officer).

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