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Celebrating Apprenticeship Week with Brose

12 February 2021

Our friends at Brose have been celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2021 by talking to some of their apprentices about what it's like to work at an automotive manufacturer like Brose.

Anas - Testing Apprentice

Anas joined Brose UK as an apprentice after leaving Sixth Form.

“I have always been interested in Maths and Engineering but wanted to become involved in the practical work that Engineering comes with, rather than studying without experience. I started my apprenticeship straight after I finished my Sixth Form, and I knew I needed to get into the right mindset. I knew I would have a lot more responsibilities.

At the beginning, it was a lot to take in. I had to learn new systems and processes. Everyone at Brose has provided great support and guidance whenever I needed it. I feel like my professionalism and time management skills have improved, as well as my strategic thinking.”


Sam - Facility Apprentice










Sam talks about his experience being an apprentice at Brose.

“I chose to apply for an apprenticeship at Brose because of their extensive history in engineering and the vast well of knowledge I hoped to tap into, and true to my expectation; working at Brose has allowed me to expand my practical knowledge of engineering tenfold.

I had the opportunity to work on basic electrical circuits including lighting and power, both single and three phase.

Going into a second year I have prepared myself for a motor control project that requires me to modify an existing circuit, where I must demonstrate my project control skills. Every day I find myself tackling a variety of work, challenging my knowledge and encouraging me to learn more.”

Alex - Tooling Apprentice

Brose are committed to giving all their employees an opportunity to grow. So when Alex applied for their Apprenticeship Scheme they didn’t need to think twice before accepting his request.

Alex started his Apprenticeship when he was 30. Many would think starting a new career in your thirties can be daunting, but Alex, who had already been working in Production at Brose, wanted to do something different. He wanted to challenge himself and get involved in several different tasks and ways of working. He soon reached out to HR and applied for the Tooling Apprenticeship role.

“Everyone at Brose is so supportive and's never too late to start an apprenticeship and get paid whilst you learn.”

Alex has already learned many new skills including using milling and turning machines or how to interpret engineering drawings. He is now focusing on gaining more practical skills and wants to achieve high marks in the BTEC and HNC.


Abdullah - Maintenance Apprentice

Abdullah initially took the academic route when he first left school, before deciding after two years at college that it was not for him.
He started to look for a suitable apprenticeship and with the help of MGTS (Midland Group Training Services) he was lucky enough to find a vacancy at Brose in the Maintenance section.

“When I heard that I had an interview I did some research into Brose. I was surprised at how much of a role we play as a supplier to the well-known car brands – like Jaguar Land Rover, our biggest customer in Coventry. At the interview, I was able to speak to others who had started their career as apprentices to learn about their experiences. I also really liked the structure and support that was in place for us.”

Now that he is working and learning at the same time, Abdullah finds that he has to structure his weekends to give him time for his studies. For him though, the hands-on training is just as important and interesting:
“I’ve already learnt so much – not only about technical matters like the health and safety aspects of handling tooling, or how to operate a scissor-lift, but also about how to communicate and cooperate with others to get the best results. This is what I need to build a good career in the future.”


Ryan - Engineering Apprentice

Brose UK was one of two companies on Ryan’s final shortlist when he was looking for an employer to guide him through his apprenticeship.

“When I looked at what Brose were able to offer, how they planned the training and the fact that they showed they cared about their apprentices – my decision was made.

I’m now learning about the mechanical and electrical elements of machine maintenance, but what’s more exciting is that I’m becoming more confident in working with robots.

I also really enjoy the social side of working life, as I have to communicate and team up with people of all ages. It’s made me a more confident person, whereas I used to be quite shy. My problem-solving skills have improved too; I know now that I need to take a step back and look first, rather than just diving in without a plan.”


Apprenticeship Opportunities

Do you think you might be interested in a career in engineering?

Brose are now looking for new technical apprentices to start with them later this year.

Click on this link to apply via their training provider Midland Group Training Services.


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Manufacturer Brose UK, which has been present in Coventry since 1989, sponsor a  Learning Officer to work at the museum in a bid to engage with secondary school students. It is part of Brose UK’s approach to developing the next generation of engineers.

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