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Bling Road unveiled at Coventry Transport Museum

15 March 2024

A much-loved piece of art made by the people of Coventry during lockdown has a new home here at the Coventry Transport Museum.

The museum, renowned for its rich transport collection, now boasts an extraordinary addition to its cultural tapestry with the unveiling of the 'Bling Road’.

Created by local artists Karen Johnson and Mary Courtney, the Bling Road is a labour of love, inspired by their deep affection for Coventry.

Previously housed at the LTB Showrooms, Mary is thrilled the beloved work of art has a new home.

"I’m absolutely delighted,” she shared. “It's almost beyond words. I'm so, so happy. I saw the sparkle as soon as I walked through.

“I love the fact that we've transformed concrete into glitter and sparkle and it's been done collectively. People donated their buttons, their broken watches, and family heirlooms as well, because they wanted to get behind this idea. 

“The men made the ring road, but the Coventry women, we made the Bling Road. We transformed it, and it's full of sparkle and glitter and colour and joy and stories. And we're so, so happy."

Co-creator Karen Johnson added: “We designed the Bling Road to be seen on two levels. So from a distance, it is bold and it's beautiful and it's colourful, but as you get closer, you'll be able to see the smaller stories that lurk within the piece itself. 

“There were nearly 30 contributors, all of whom had stories to tell us when they brought the jewellery to us, from the fob watch, from the mother who worked at the hospital, to we've got Blingo Ringo there from Fargo Village. It's just a feast for the eyes.”

Megan Nass, Collections Curator at Coventry Transport Museum, said: "We're really pleased to be able to display the Bling Road. When we heard that it was looking for a new home, we really jumped at the chance because the Transport Museum just seems like the natural home for this beautiful artwork.”

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