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BBC 2's Flog It! at CTM - Saturday 3rd March

05 March 2012

Well you certainly did dig out your treasures as Flog It! came to town....Thank you!

The much loved BBC 2 Antiques and Auction show Flog It! presented by Paul Martin was here at Coventry Transport Museum on Saturday 3rd March. Paul Martin and his fellow experts were here throughout the day, to meet an eager crowd of 800 people with their possessions, antiques and collectables all excited to find out about their items and how much they were worth.

The day started at 9am with a wonderful collection of 44 Classic cars out on Millennium Place, and then filming continued throughout the day inside the Museum and finished at 7.30pm, having seen every person who brought along things to be valued. The Museum collection was filmed extensively in every gallery and as a result there'll be 5 episodes of Flog It! featuring our wonderful collection. 

Flog It! is now in its 10th Season, and is watched by over 8 million viewers, the new series will be broadcast later this year and we'll let you know when that is.

Both Ian Cook aka artist 'Pop Bang Colour' and Wing Commander Andy Green, driver of Thrust SSC - the World's Fastest Man, enjoyed the day with filming with the Flog It! crew about their respective achievements. Both 'Moment' stories will be featured in the new series starting later this year.

In previous Flog It! programmes a small cream jug sold at auction for £1,300, a ceramic bowl bought for £4 at a car boot sale went for £1,500 and a lady in Aberdeen sold a Shelley Tea Set for a suprising £3,400. The best sale of a recent Flog It! show was that of a Ceremonial Cup made of Rhino horn which went on to sell for a staggering £44,000! So you just never know....

So a BIG thank you to everyone who came along and spent the day with us and the crew, we hope to see you again soon.

Click here to see photos from the day



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