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A Second Lease of Life...

06 February 2017

The Factory floor was overflowing with creativity, workmanship and flair leading to the most surprising creations...

The items below were created by former Jaguar employee Steve Yardley. Nicknamed the ‘wooden heart of Jaguar’ Steve’s obvious talent for woodwork made him famous on the factory floor. His flair for the creative did not go unrecognised, often being asked to work on special projects, forging development ideas and new products.












Steve’s creative flair did not stop there. He also applied his aptitude for carpentry to producing what those in the know referred to as ‘factory foreigners’ – decorative items made using the company’s machines and supplies from the stores. Steve crafted beautiful items out of workshop seconds, and store scraps – sometimes giving materials destined for the bin a second lease of life.

He was often asked to make items for employees, directors and even visiting dignitaries. In fact, he once made a box for Prince Philip with a luxurious leather interior and writing equipment worth £10,000. He assumed that it had been politely discarded. However, testament to Steve’s craftsmanship and much to his flattered surprise, he spotted it in a national newspaper story - featuring the Prince’s desk at Sandringham.

And this is where you come in. We're looking to collect, find and display objects that were made on car factory floors, just like Steve’s items. Often crafted out of scraps and left-over bits (but not always) from the stores, workers would create beautiful and often useful items, from leather handbags to fruit bowls and jewellery boxes.


Did you, or do you know somebody that worked in the car industry? Did you receive one of these items a gift? Or, just like Steve, did you make one yourself?

Answered yes to any of the above? Then please share your story with stacey.bains@cult or drop Stacey a line on 024 7623 7537.

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