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Jigsaw of History Tour

Sky Blue City Walks

15 July 2022 to 15 July 2022 (09:50 - 09:50)


The Jigsaw of History Tour takes you on a walk all over the city centre of Coventry, a city which has kept making history by inventing the future. This walk uses much of the public art on display throughout the city to help tell many tales including: how Coventry moved one from being the world-leading pioneer in one industry to another, then another; the truth about where the English Civil War really started; when Coventry was the capital of England and the palace that the country was ruled from; and a rich cultural history of a city which has kept on reinventing itself, finally rising like a phoenix from the firestorm of the Blitz. It’s a history that fits together like a jigsaw, come and explore it with us. This walk will be taking place on most days at either 9.50 or 1.50 until October. For specific dates, check our booking form at or contact us at or 07312109988.

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Venue: Sky Blue City Walks

Offering authentic guided walks through over 1000 years of history of a city which is far more important than you probably think it is. Both regular and bespoke private walking tours can be booked with through our website which tell the story of the Phoenix City, the Sky Blue City, Godiva’s City; Coventry, a city which has kept making history by inventing the future.

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Jigsaw of History Tour

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